exploring flowers

Exploring Flowers is an exhibition that is proudly presented by the New South Wales Art Gallery. The exhibition Exploring Flowers is assured to enlighten and engage audiences of all ages, through the spontaneous artworks displayed throughout the exhibition. The theme of this exhibition is Exploring Flowers because throughout the exhibition you will explore the world of flowers and be given an insight of how the artist can use them to represent and express different emotions and stages of the artist’s life. Each of the artworks that have been selected to be in this exhibition is especially unique. By using a range of mediums, such as oil paints, copper wire, traditional panda’s fibre, glass. It helps the artists create artworks that are interesting. When the artists were creating these artworks, they included authentic techniques that regular artworks do not have. The artists that were selected to be in this exhibition also incorporated many symbols and emotions that are displayed through the artworks.  Another reason why these artworks were selected to be in this exhibition is because they not only stand out and be unique they also work and flow together through the bright colours, the mediums, and the different textures. Thankyou and Exploring Flowers directors hope you enjoy going through our exhibition.

This vivid artwork 'Children among Cylamen flowers' by Chihiro lwasaki is an example of the subjective frame, as it is bright and shows a range of imagination hidden through the flowers.
Jill Nganjmirra's artwork 'mat with flower motif' is a example of the cultural frame, as it has been created with a traditional medium and method.
'The Flower' by Cheong,Kwang Ho, is an example of a post modern frame, as it is made out of copper wire, which was weaved to create this immaculate detail in her sculpture. it is an example of post modern frame because it is made out of a material that is not regualy used to create sculptures
This fascinating artwork 'scenery of composition by Han, Ki Chang is an example of a structural frame, as it has many different tones of colour and many textures showed in the artwork.Also in the art work there are symbols,that represent different stages of the artists life.
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