These are the 5 pieces of artwork that really show "Line"

In the picture there are straight lines that are used in the background to make mini squares making it look like the art is painted on tiles, which makes me feel interested because it's something new and creative. Most of the lines are straight like the tiles, most of the sun's rays, a design behind the sun, etc which was not really that joyful and is too still and normal making me a little bored, but then again, the usage of straight lines was pretty creative. But a few were curved like the sun and moons, wavy lines like the design around the sun and the hair of the dragons and king, which looks kind of nice and makes me feel happy because wavy is something that's free and joyful and I am glad for that. Lines are overlapped a lot like the sun is over a design which is over tiles, moons are over tiles, rectangles surrounding the sun are over tiles which makes me want to observe the painting a bit more and interested. Most of the shapes have a circular shape (made of one curved line) like the sun, the moons, the eyes of "creatures", heads of "creatures", that made me feel  free because one  line is going around in a circle like being able to do anything.     
There was a big use of lines, in this painting, they were all over the place which made me really confused of what they all meant. Most of the lines that should have been straight, were not straight which made the painting look a bit messy, I was feeling a bit dissatisfied because the lines that were not straight (that should have been) made the painting look not organized. There were just a bit of curved lines which made a perfect look of a human which made me feel pretty impressed since it's one of the only nice looking things, but sad since there were not so many curved lines that made the painting look better. Most of the lines looked rushed like the mat like thing that the human is standing on because they weren't connected and kind of unfinished which really made me feel unsatisfied since I want a finished piece of artwork, not a rushed one, even if this was not rushed it still looked unfinished. The lines that were drawn clearly made some sense like the straight lines coming out from the can are clearly lines of paint squirting out of the can and the curved ones over the mat like thing is clearly a human, that made me feel pretty happy since there were only a few lines I actually thought made sense which made me understand the artwork a bit and these were a few of them.    
The jar is made of curved lines (the handle, the shape, etc.) which gives it a fun and interesting shape because it is not a normal look and makes me feel like the art's worth looking at and is not really boring. The design on the jar has a really interesting pattern of lines as well, there are flowers with curvy  lines for petals and a circle in the middle, zigzag lines for the human's top, curvy lines for the body of the human, etc., not much of these lines are straight meaning they have a more interesting pattern which makes me feel, well, interested. Also, most of the lines in the background are thick making them easier to see, which makes me feel good since I don't have to look so closely and make my eyes hurt. Some of the lines have a part that is a little hard to see but that makes the jar look old which is probably the point of the jar which makes me feel sad that I can't see the finished designs from the lines but kind of interested in the artwork since it's a nice way of showing it. There are also small circular lines (circles) going around it at the bottom making a nice design, there are also zigzag lines at the top.    
In the background there are curvy and wavy lines making a wavy ocean, those lines make it look like the waves are freely moving which makes me feel surprised since these lines do so much. The lines that make the waves, overlap the other ones, that shows what waves really do. There are curvy lines on the collar of the dress, they kind of look like plants or dancers but they make a nice design since they are curvy and not straight which makes me feel like laughing a bit since  straight lines don't make a good design most of the time while curvy ones do. The curvy lines on the collar are really thick that make them stand out, that makes me feel pretty good since I don't have to use my eyesight as much. There are even line designs on the collar, small circles and small curvy lines, that does not make me feel that great since it makes me have to use my eyesight a lot.
Different types of lines are used but the "straight lines" in the middle are not really put in an organized format since they are all over the place and there is not much sign of a ruler so the straight lines are not straight at all, that makes me feel mad since, through my eyes, art should be pretty organized, not really messy. All of the lines that are not "straight" are curved, the curved lines were usually circles, they were a little nice since curved lines have more of a design then straight ones since curved ones actually look like they are moving sometimes while straight ones are kind of stiff. If you look closely, there are also little dots made of straight lines in the background that everything else is overlapping but the fact that the dots are so small makes me a little sad since I can't see them unless I zoom in, meaning I can miss a part of the artwork. The author designed the designs with other lines which showed a kind of mystery, the lines were like crosses and were straight lines, they made me interested in finding out what the author was going to do. If you look closely, the small dots made of straight lines were overlapping other dots making a small design, that makes me feel surprised since the artist did some overlapping that the audience usually does not spot!      
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