i like the different shades of blue in this work by Vincent
the texture of this portrait is extraordinary! the lines in the drapery of tthe clothes fit the artwork greatly
i like this because it is unknown of who made this document.
the first president in his glory...shows graditude and respect for his country
the black and white color makes it look like the man is going through a struggle
"Sprwal I" shows the pattern in the artwork that looks like some cultural artwork mixing together in the artoworl
the "Portrait of Antinous as Dionysius" has great texture that is shaped perfectly of the features.
it look like **** on a picture
this project is very abstract to me...i love to figure how to make this
they was building the wall for the border but ran out of bricks
"Grandcamp Evening" shows the beautiful view of the ocean what it looks like the North Carolina Coast.
"Avalanche in the Alps" shows the dark side it Alps from the avalanche.
the color shows the violence and fear in the victims...chaos at its finest!
this work remind me of "Waldo" you think you know what you are looking for, but it might take a while
a day at the lake, this picture not gloomy nor exciting, just neutral in its own way.
"the tower of Babel" shows the work of past architectures and artist paint this amazing building.
"the isle o the Dead" shows the dark area that its left in the heart of someone who lost the ones they love...
"A Sunday on La Grande Jatte" still amazes me that the painting was dotted everywhere and made this extraordinary artwork made.
"the doorway" shows sketching at its finest, everything seems to be in perfect proportion and amazing shading.
the working side of AMerica is shown here in this painting
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