Free to Fall

Don't exchange the truth for a lie.

This is what most people imagine as an authoritative figure. An intimidating man who looks down on others who aren't of his standards. This represents Dean Atwater, a man who is full of secrets.
These masks represent the secret society known as the Wise Few. Members are part of a secret plot to control citizens through technology to create a perfect society. "They think they're gods."
This is Eden. Where The Wise Few believe that Adam and Eve did not suffer a loss, but gained wisdom that made them "equal to the God that created them." The basis for the Wise Few came from this.
The depiction of the painting represents the Serpent taking people who are unconsciously struggling to break from his hold. You mistake a danger for a blessing, unknowingly.
The Wise Few play God as they control people through an app called Lux. The people who trying to fight back are symbolized as "Jesus" and "Mary". Gnosis is "God" and it's followers are the "angels".
Theden. The Eden. A prestige school that is meant to give students a easy shot at life after it, but is discovered that it's meant to be a cover-up for picking out more society members for Gnosis.
Lux are the snakes. Gnosis is the charmer. Lux helps people make decisions that requires no thinking on their part, and allows Gnosis easy access to shaping their lives as planned. "In Lux we trust."
Humans are so quick to be proud of their freedom, but give it up in exchange for ease. This shows that while we believe we are free, we're in a cage that came about because of our negligence.
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