Elements OF art and DESIGN

This is a good example of value because this uses all one color, black and white but uses different hues. Becuase the backgrond is lighter then the trees, grass, and barn, these objects are the main focal point. The darker value makes the darker objects, for example in this photoraph, the trees, pop or stand out.
This is a good example of using shapes. The main shapes that this artwork uses is circles. Some of the shapes overlap other shapes, causing almost like 3D effect. The shapes are also diffrent sizes.
This is a good example of lines. Some of the lines are straight which represent a strict and a sharp/ precise look to them while some are curved which represent a soft and relaxed look to them. Some of the lines are bold and thicker while some lines are thin, this is to draw attention to the more bold/ important lines then to the thinner lines, also to have it look more relistic.
This is a good example of texture. We can see the lines of the pine needles. The pineneedles in the background give a rough texture. The leaves give a soft and a smooth feel to them. This texture we can not touch but we can still imagine what the texture would be.
This is a good example of color. This painting uses both war colors and cool colors. It also uses secondary and primary colors.
This is a good example of space.This artwork uses positive and also negative space.
This is a good example of a form because the wall. We can almost imagine the 3 dimensional figure because the wall is not a 2d image.
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