"Feelings or emotions are the universal language and are to be honored. They are the authentic expression of who you are at your deepest place." - Judith Wright

A Norwegian painting that exemplifies Anxiety. This is shown by the main figure being painted in a vast expanse of open space, and an overwhelmed facial expression.
This painting contains a collage of the London teenager, Stephen Lawrence, who victim of a racist murder in 1993. A teardrop is used to symbolize the sadness of the subject.
This is a dutch painting that shows madness and insanity through the symbolism of the owl, the drink in her hand and her intense laughter shown in her facial expression.
A Spanish painting that depicts Saint Peter, as distraught. This is shown with the isolation, setting and lighting which emphasizes his facial expression.
This Slovakian painting shows the emotion terror though the dark lighting,nightmarish feel, and facial expression shown by the subject.
This French painting is a famous example of an impressionist painting and depicts a sad woman who got called "fish face."
This Siberian lithograph, depicts a woman who feels grief and is shown by the the frown and fine lines on the subjects face.
This British painting shows the intense grief of a husband after his wife died, this emotion can be seen though his body language, severe composition, and cold palette of colors.
This Flemish painting shows love through the tender embrace of an infant and her nurturing mother.
This English Painting conveys two emotions at once. This painting shows the meeting of two ex lovers, the woman showing sadness while the man hides his face in embarrassment after he gets turned down.
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