art style gallery

This is Eric Leon`s Art Style Gallery

I like this Renaissance because of the the way the city is detailed. I also like how perspective is used by the village in the outside being as the background.
I like this Impressionist painting because it makes me think about the way why the individual is dissappointed and what they are waiting for.
I like this Art Nouveau painting because the way of patterns it used and also the way of designs the painter used. I also like the color and balance the painting was.
I like this surrealism painting because of the way the painter used value to make this painting really detailed. The painting has a texture and beautiful colors.
I like this cubism painting because the way the painter combined the guitar and violin together. I also like the way the color is used.
I like this pop art painting because the way the painter painted it looks like he took his time for every little detail.
Credits: All media
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