Art Element

The artist is using the lines from the wood to create a sense of uniform. By looking at this picture I image a soldier off to war with the basic items of war separated by the soldiers needs to connect with home.
The glass shattering glass whiling looking down brings movement to the painting.
The light highlights a ruined boat but it symbolizes reconstruction after the storm.
By using dark colors it shows that even at night a good shepherd is always on watch.
This picture shows a sense of motion. The centaur wife was killed so now using the eye for an eye metaphor the man centaur is going for his revenge. 
Texture and lines give this stamp art element aspects.
The position of the people in this artwork gives a sense of motion. By having one person upside down and the other normal gives the viewer a perspective to view the art in a circular fashion. 
The lines formed by the gold sphere in the middle gives the picture division but the mutual colors also show the unity of the painting.
The picture spread across the division board gives the painting a sense of struggle between the two characters in the middle.
The focal point on this painting is a grand house full of happiness brought on by colors.
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