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This is a pattern of colors also. It is more of an abstract pattern that is used to change the texture of the painting also.
This pattern is a motif, because of the repetition used throughout the design.
Abstract pattern by using contrasting lines or shapes. 
This pattern is a motif it used on particular picture throughout the entire thing. 
earthly tones are used in contrasting ways and the lines make this effect and it is somewhat abstract giving a different texture.
The artist uses the lines as an element to repeat and make a random pattern. 
This could be seen as a motif pattern since it uses a certain way of repetition and it is all the same. 
I think this pattern could be an abstract pattern or a motif pattern. The abstract pattern because it is a repetition and a motif because the artist repeats the same shape.
This pattern could be considered randomness, it doesn't use the same shapes but they all look similar.
This pattern uses contrasting colors to create an abstract pattern. 
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