In Remembrance of Byzantine Icons

Art is first an foremost an expression of a person's emotions, oftentimes their beliefs. People of the Byzantine Empire had such expressions of their faith destroyed due to the burst of iconoclasm those around them took part in. These particular pieces hold much of the same sentiment as those who expressed their faith in their icons all those years ago.

This piece shows a depiction of Mary, a common icon of the Christian faith.
This piece depicts Saint Nicholas, an icon of Christianity painted in a contrast of warm and cold colors.
This piece depicts Mary and Jesus in pleasantly contrasting colors.
This piece also depicts Mary and Jesus. It harbors a striking vividness even after so many years.
This piece depicts John of Damascus. He strongly defended icons.
This piece showcases the Virgin Mary and Jesus in this statue. This shows another form icons often took.
This statuette shows an Early Medieval icon of Mary and Jesus, and is a good example of the sort of icons that might have existed during that time period.
This is another type of icon, depicting a cross rather than a humanoid figure.
This aged piece of art depicts Christ.
Though a more recent work, this piece represents a very blatant icon that would have more than likely been destroyed in the wake of iconoclasm.
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