color schemes

Brooke Mikes

The use of primary colors on this artwork sets the mood to a more basic scenery than if you were to use other colors that would make the scene appear more chaotic.
Using the secondary color scheme on this artwork creates a happy tone of the artwork because orange is so bright and jovial.
Using complementary colors creates contrast throughout the artwork. If it weren't for the complementary colors, the drawing would seem very plain.
Having a monochromatic color scheme makes the artwork give the viewer a calm feeling, because there isn't a lot of contrast to worry about.
Using black and white makes this artwork very simple and not too chaotic. It makes the viewer very calm.
The analogous color scheme of this artwork creates a them of a rather calm scenery.
Using cool colors makes the painting very serene and calm. It sets a quiet theme.
The use of warm colors makes the artwork more jovial and happy than it would be witht eh use of cool, sad colors.
Credits: All media
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