more than just slaves

This is a collection of Art that depicts Africans and African Americans as the subject matter as well as pieces composed by Africans or African Americans. The aim is to show that Africans and African American history is so much more than just slavery. Africans and African Americans have so much more to contribute to the world, especially with art, these images highlight those contributions, there struggles and their greatness. 

I choose this piece because it's very vibrant, I like the colors used. I also chose this as the first because it's a Rebellion and this gallery is trying to move away from depictions of salvery
This painting symbolizes strength. I see a strong woman, who visibly shows on her face and through her clothes she's been though hardship but has preserved.
This piece draws me in because it's not what we're used to seeing. It's showing you that something as simple as love,but it almost looks foreign because we've never really seen love depicted by blacks
Basquiat often used his art to express power struggles and racism. In this picture you can see black faces with crowns hovering above them, I think he's suggesting we're all kings, we just forgot.
This looks like a black version of renaissance era art,except it depicts an idealized version of a beautiful black woman adorned in jewelry dancing. The style of art is the most captivating.
After the political and economic collapse of Zimbabwe in the late nineties, thousands of Zimbabweans migrated into neighboring countries. It's an expression of these "foreigners" were treated,like they came from space or something. The irony is they're treating people who share the same continent like aliens. I find it extremely interning to see a concept of what it would have looked like if the space program was created in Africa. It's a beautiful statement but also by it's self can be appreciated on a purely aesthetic level.
This bust of an African Venus is important because is highlight beauty in blackness. Venuses emphasize love, beauty, sex, fertility, prosperity and desire is almost always associated with white women, but this bust shows that all those thinks can also be synonymous with blackness and black women.
Depicted here is a classical style painting of a moorish chief. Paintings like these almost seem deliberately "buried"through out time. The subject is a Black-Moor depicted in fine robes, the contrast also adds to the feeling of divinity or excellence with the dark surrounding space and his all white garments giving him an almost god like presence.
Again, another depiction of Black-moors that emphasize royalty. It's drawn is that classical art style which in that era depicted mostly royalty and people of power, we so rarely see the history of these people being in power, showing them as rulers. I chose to end it on this painting because I think it says a lot about where Africans and African Americans have come from, how we were viewed then and how we're viewed now.