Confucian and Taoist Art

The artist achieved the balance of the Taoist by the "five elements", that is, metal, wood, water, fire and earth. Shoukun used simple strokes to outline the sun, and then drew the flame under it with burnt ink to present the element of "fire". The bushes in the bottom right-hand show the presence of "earth" and "wood". All the elements work together in harmony like the Taoist society strived to achieve. 
This art is very similar to the work we looked at in class, The mountain is so vast it gives the average person a perspective on how grand and mystical nature is. You can see the travelers making their way up the mountain also. All of this further exemplifies the Taoist ideals. 
This piece illustrates the teachings of confucious and how he wants people to understand his ideas. He is shown sitting among his students as equals. The trees and earth beneath them show the importance of nature in the confucionist ideas. 
Credits: All media
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