Art200_Brian Archambault_Greece

This Gallery depicts the ranges of Grecian art from around 800 bc to 50 bc.

Cycladic Greece. Very Geometric shapes define human figure.
Mycenaean.  Utalitarian objects during the bronze age showed the power of the Grecians: jewelry, vases, glass, bronze, other precious metals.
Archaic Greece.  Standing figure is believed to represent the ideal youth rather than any specific individual.
Classical Greece.  Grecian art became more specifically attuned to bodily features being represented as more was the hair and folds of skin.
Hellenistic Greece.  Characteristics and feelings of the subject are portrayed with more passion.  In other works as well dread, fear, and terror can be felt when looking at them.  Hellenistic sculpture brought about the release of a subjects stress through the artwork.
Credits: All media
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