I decided to go with mythology because of my interest for all the different kind of mythology that there are out there. Mythology has a lot of interesting ways of portraying its self and here are a few to show that in action.

This is a very unique piece i found since i haven't seen many uses of glass work before in the olden style and intrigued me as soon as i found.
This jar depicts a very interesting mythological scene where it seems that there is a man kneeling on the rock with a sword possibly defending himself from people on either side of him.
This casket depicts a large scene of mythological creatures and figures. It looks as if a child is holding on to a lam while a possible mother and father are watching said child.
This is possibly one of the more interesting pieces that i chosen and probably the odd one out it depicts a a man holding some sort of beast with what looks like a bat on the head.
This picture depicts pan a mythological satyr near 3 woman with one woman who is completely naked and seems to be cupid in the upper left.
Hear is thor or "tor" said that is fighting giants trying to climb up what seems to be a large mountain possibly valhalla.
The one statue i got depicts diana with a bow and arrow it show great detail in her figure about who she is and what she does.
This piece of art has what looks to be some god with a horse and baby near him. what interest me the most is the whole border around the picture its very interesting from all the images.
This is showcasing two centaurs one who is mauled from the said tiger and another one who is holding a rock above his head ready to attack this tiger
This other vase shows more of a battle going on between two of man with strange creature beneath them that seem to be surrounding the vase
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