Art Elements

Line- This picture represents line because the picture has lines in it that are streaks of paint. There are different lines with different colors of paint which are made out of lines.
Geometric shape- This picture is an example of geometric shape because it has definite shapes with sharp edges.
Shape (organic Shape)- This picture is and example of organic shape because it is of nature and it doesn't have a sharp edge or an exact shape. It is irregular or freeform.
Form- This picture is an example of form because you can walk around it and hold it as a 3D object. You could even go inside it or look above it. It has depth, height, and length to it.
Value- This is an example of value because there are some spots in the painting that are darker or lighter than others. (spots in the painting that have more value than others)
Space- This is an example of space because there are some parts in the painting that have positive space, and there are other spots that have negative space.
Texture- This picture is an example of texture because if you were to touch it, it wouldn't be very rough because of the paint used to paint the picture. (Watercolor) If you were to look at this painting from a distance it would seem smooth or almost soft.
Color- This is an example of color because it has parts of the painting that are more intense than others or they have a greater value. The painting has mostly a darker value and mostly a brown hue too.
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