War And Its Effects

What happens during and after war

women praying that her son comes back from war alive
The weapons used in wars responsible for 1000s of murders
the machine that carrys the brave men trying to protect their contery
victory at last
The army trops are indured after the war
the war has destroyed the land leaving nothing for the poor inhabitents
the the ones who did not go to war are left to farm, work or die
man choping wood in anger of losing his family in war
women grifing over loss of her father
sodliers killed at war but others keep going
crippled child after the war
one of many lost souls
tanks ready for battle
fallen tower after bomb
luckly the troops leave Tranches with their head
army captures Red Soldiers
Trops hiding and waiting for day
soldiers ready to fire at opposition
ready to fire
men working as the are not in the war
Dies depressed and loney after death of family
spain is at war with it's self
fought and died
ready for the end of the germans
gassed and blined or dead . which would you choose?
so many dead and so many dead
fisher man and child cant find food
born to fight in war died in war
live like a heroe and die like heroe
no one is safe from war
gettting readly by de iceing planes
poor town gets bombed
war took lives
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