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What first grabbed my attention to this piece was the use of bright colors by the artist. The yellow is used as a background to make the darker physical features of the face pop.
What I like about this photo is the excitement coming from the crowd. Flying was not common then as the airplane was not invented so scenes like this were rare. The one man looking back has an attitude as if he doesn't care or is thoroughly unimpressed with the exhibition and that made me laugh some.
The shear size and detail of this painting impressed me. In the background is a whole city laid out on the riverbank along with an army on the left-hand side. The use of darkness and light are my favorite part of this painting along with the extreme detail.
As the name and image suggests, this bull seems to be fighting back with the matador and his assistants in the arena even though he will probably die in the end. The idea of fighting even when the situation is dire is something that humans can connect with even though it is shown through a bull and that is what attracted me to this drawing.
For me, paintings of nature especially in American are some of my favorite. Looking at this painting, one can only be reminded of how beautiful nature and America is and how we should preserve that beauty.
The simplicity of this piece is what attracted my attention. The colors are not loud or bold, and there is no distractions for the eye. Yet it still has a simple beauty and also image of life continuing in the scene with the bees and butterflies gathering nectar from the flowers.
I like this work because many people do not see street art as 'art' but this shows how so many pieces of street art take a lot of time and talent. Using only two colors, the artist created two beautiful dragon like creatures who also look to be artists of their own as they are holding paintbrushes.
To me the beading on this dress is amazing. It must have taken a long time to string them all together. Even our clothing can be an art-piece and this Native American dress is a excellent example of that.
Many times you see the Greek Gods and Goddesses in scenes of action or violence and I like this one because it radiates a peaceful emotion with a simple image of Athena resting. Also the skill that went into crafting her is impressive,slowly chipping away at the marble without wrecking the whole image must nerve wracking.
This icon was created very recently but looks quiet old since they used the classic style. I like the extreme detail that went into the boarder that shows the subjects whole life and the use of color and gold to highlight the images.
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