Nepal and Pakistan's Culture

By Jack Jones

This was an important time in history where believers of Islam left India and headed to their new religious country. This shaped Pakistan to what it is today.
Another photo expressing religious views in Pakistan. Islam was, and still is, an extremely important factor for the people of Pakistan.
Pakistan also has some amazing architecture. Many places like this make for amazing tourist attractions and trips to the history of these structures.
This aged structure shows historic heritage of the people of Pakistan. It also displays lots of cultural insight for Pakistan.
This clay teapot is a big look at the people of Pakistan and their culture. As well as living conditions.
A temple out looking some of the more beautiful and natural parts of Pakistan. These show that the country is not just full of bland buildings, but also some pretty neat and natural things.
Kathmandu Darbar Square is a very important place for people to gather for festivals or religious topics.
People are influenced a lot by art, and art influences people. All around the world, Including Nepal
This photo shows what poor living conditions that are in some places of Nepal. Driving things like slave labor, and diseases.
Music is a huge influence on people all around the world. In Nepal, they start young.
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