Rome and Its Art

This art exhibit will show the art and architecture of the Roman Empire. The Roman Empire stood for centuries as a beacon of modern civilization surrounded by ancient peoples. This included it becoming a place where great works of monuments and art could be created. It also inspired future artist with its lush and great history.

The ruins of this arch, pictured here by Hansen, is surrounded by the remains of the ancient city of Rome. The arch itself is meant to symbolize the victory over the Jews by the emperor Titus in 70AD
This painting by Lorrain shows the ruins of the great forum in Rome. It was once the place where the decisions of the senate would be discussed and voted on.
"Romans..." by Couture shows the over indulgence of the Roman people, the very same culture that conquered the world had its citizens conquered by carnal desires.
This bust of Caracalla, the emperor of the Roman empire from 198-217AD. He ruled the empire after the assassination of his father in 211 AD. This bust shows the craftsmanship of the artist available.
The painting by Antonio de Groot shows the Batavian king, Claudius Civilis, is having the roman soldiers take booty from a conquest. He does this in hope of forging a new alliance with the Romans.
Emperor Augustus, who reigned the Roman Empire as its first emperor, showed an amount of power and artistic thought not seen before him. He commissioned many artistic and civil projects.
Julius Caesar was the famous and very powerful consul that took power and named himself dictator of the Roman Republic. This bust was most likely commissioned by his nephew and successor Augustus.
This painting by Roberts shows the ruins of the temple of Bacchus. Bacchus was the roman god of wine and partying and was a central god to the roman people with their many festivals and indulgence.
The painting shows the Batavians brokering a peace deal with the Romans after a failed revolution. Jordaens shows the talks being overseen by an angel of peace with an olive branch in both hands.
The mosaic shows Orpheus, a ancient Greek figure who was known for being able to charm all creatures with his music. The craftsmanship behind this work is astounding and shows the reaches of Rome.
Credits: All media
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