Element of Lines

This gallery is images that uses lines. 

This art work uses both thick and thin lines to make up this work.
The lines that were used in this artwork were lines that had different types of texture and shape.
These lines used in this art work have a lot of movement, with a lot of value.
The lines in this artwork used different shading and different size of the lines.
The lines used is this are all the same they are just being repeated through out the artwork.
The lines in this are very subtle but when looked at closely have a lot of shading.
The lines in this are diagonal and they over lap each other.
The lines in this are mostly straight with a few slanted lines.
The lines in this are all connected together and are diagonal lines.
The lines in this are all wavy lines and they are all connected. There is not one straight line in this artwork.
Credits: All media
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