Black as an Expression of Deep Emotions.

In this painting Domoto Insho used light colors in the background, making black the main point of the painting, transmitting confusion and the illusion of depth. It is an authentic way of expression.
This painting is a feature film story for me, where the main emotion is death and sadness. Is just great how Alan Moore played with black to provide us the essential emotions he wanted to transmit.
In this painting, both characters evoke different emotions, supporting that through the colors, the man expresses confusion and sadness and the lady seriousness.
This piece is one of my favorites, it is a whole story to me. This old lady expresses her whole personality through the color and the style of her wardrobe. She is the mentor and is feeling deception.
Jacob van Ruisdael expresses, with the shadows and dark colors, a huge emotion of loneliness. It is very intriguing that he places black around the light colors expressing hope at the same time.
The key details of this painting are just awe inspiring. Eero Jarnefelt basically played with the colors to transmit poverty and innocence at the same time. The black colors evoke dirt and sadness.
This piece just moved my emotions in an incredible way. Through colors, Tiziano Vecellio implies that Jesus is suffering and being humiliated.
Murillo's piece shows us a full story, with the black background, the colors of their wardrobe mixing with the expression in their face.The mother is angry for the antics of her children.
Almeida Junior piece developed intrigue in me. I want to know why she is sad and confused. The black and dark colors are a big contribution to evoke melancholy.
This piece is very interesting to me, the mix of the walls' colors, the black color of her wardrobe, and her body language. Evoking grief and loneliness at the same time.
This piece is just the description of two characters that balance together. Mixing the expression with the colors, the lady expresses innocence and the man expresses seriousness and elegance.
This piece is very different and special to me. TOGO Seiji is just so authentic, the use of the color black in this painting evokes elegance and seriousness.
This abstract painting evokes so much confusion, sadness and anger Jose Lazcarro felt at the moment of painting this piece.
This piece is just spectacular to me. The mix between the layers and the colors make me feel fear in that place and hope at the end.
This piece reveal a lot through the colors, to me is just a way to highlight the different social classes, we can see poverty in the right side using black and shadows and richness with light colors.
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