Modern art in our world

This gallery includes representations of spiritual and social constructs through explosive colour balance and vivid imagery contrast. This gallery shows how art is created using different perspectives and also different means of production, portrays this ultimate message illustrating the way modern art is a part of our society, and the influences it had.

Created by international urban artists Okuda and Remed, the colorful street art installations are expressive love letters of Spanish culture to cities that embrace wine, food, culture and art. The U.S. installation also celebrates the winery’s first limited edition bottle. This is all portrayed through the use of bright, vibrant colours and structured shapes to create this symmetrical artwork. The results due to these techniques used ultimately bring all the color and vibrancy of the region and our wines, connecting them to various cities around the world.
The creativity of Spanish street artist Okuda San Miguel finds expression in dressing the naked walls. The street artist can brag about owning a rich and colourful portofolio varying from photography to wide wall paintings and installations featured both in galleries and out in the streets of different cities around the globe. I am you & you are me features a juxtaposition in matching figures illistarting that others actions may draw from and affect the people around them. The focus of the image is the coloured figure, however the string connects the two figures, re-enforcing this notion.
This fascinating piece uses shapes, mostly triangles, to display a sense of chaos. Blue seems to be the main color in the color palette used on this painting. All of the lines used in this art are straight and overlap other lines to create what appears to be overlapping layers. There isn't much of a pattern on this piece, it appears to be a barrage of triangles randomly placed.
This image use jagged lines and depth to form what appears to be a pile of objects. The shapes used seem to be irregular shapes with a gradient that gets brighter as they get closer to the center. Since it appears to be a pile of shapes, it feels as if the image is confined to the center.
This interesting piece of art creates a gun out of a fabric using mostly a zigzag pattern. Using small lines, the texture of the gun looks as if it would feel fuzzy. The focal point of this piece appears to be the silver parts, which may be highlighting the main parts that allow a gun to fire.
Located in Istanbul, Turkey, Herakut went over and beyond with this mural. The best thing about this is, its located in the Pera Museum in Turkey for the public to see. The facial expression of the boy in the foreground suggests vunreabillity and isolation. Also the text "made me do it" suggests social anxiety, suggesting he may be an outlier, and not conform to societies ways. It in a way was commenting on society pushing down those who are thought to be 'weird' and how harsh these justifications are that society puts towards these people.
This is one of the most powerful uses of natural color contrasting against the use of projected light. The intricate detail of the man with his hands pressed against his face plows out of the darkened backdrop of the forest and leans against the edge of the city skyline. The proportion of the image's placement is a major part of the scene's power. The photograph captures the man's emotion and sincerity as the cultivated light patterns bring emphasis to both the man, the city line and the sky at different points of reference.
The Simpsons Visit Her in Her Dreams (2009) creates a terrifying look into the world of popular cultures impact on the subconscious through the understanding of dreams, Through a loss of innocence and compromise the human brain gives into the world of distorted reality. With this terrifying look into the idea of human interaction with entertainment, it raises questions of whether or not we are capable of releasing ourselves from its grasp.
The Rider Who Bit Off the Horse's Head (1994) is an elegant and grotesque piece relaying the struggles of the energized and the directionless. In a colorful and saturated world it conveys a dream state masked in a nightmare.Showing true emotion and feeling through the artists intentions.
Aggression II (1979) is a raw unrelenting graphic design made completely through singular emotion designed to show a character aggressive in nature and visually misunderstood. Conflicted with confusion and insecurity the design sheds light on aggression while also giving insight on the darkest and scariest emotions of the human psyche.
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