Dreaming in color

Explore the artwork that only seems possible in a twisted dream. Through dramatic colors and surreal concepts the artists featured in this gallery were able to take us all into their most wild dreams.

As soon as I saw this painting I was taken into a terrifying nightmare. The dramatic contrast between the highlights and shadows and the cool and warm colors made this painting stand out.
The painting invites you with the use of warm colors. Once in, the circular composition makes you question the the line between dreams and reality.
From the fine texture in the hair to the flowing texture in her clothes, the sculpture looks as if it belongs in a vivid dream.
The painting which looks like the cross between a Baroque and and a Cubist painting deserves a spot in this gallery because of its dreamlike subjects.
The saturated reds rusty yellows and dark blacks caught my attention. The somewhat recognizable objects made me think of the dreams that make no sense.
The contrast, texture, composition, and colors all caught my attention. The mysterious dreamlike story behind the painting is what makes it fit well in this gallery.
The artist's use of thick paint and dramatic contrast makes this painting eye candy. I chose this painting for its surreal dreamlike appearance.
The mysterious look, the beautiful composition, and the harmony with the colors make this the great painting that it is.
Its whimsical, dreamlike and extremely detailed. The yellow tint gives the painting more life. the dramatic contrast makes this painting stand out.
A simple glimpse isn't enough to truly take in the beautiful detail. The atmospheric perspective helps the eye focus on the battle. The dreamlike qualities are why it is in this gallery.
The saturated colors and chaotic composition gives the mural a dreamlike appearance.
This painting was chosen to be a part of this gallery because of its dreamlike dramatic lighting. The contrast and texture bring beauty to the amazing painting.
The surreal painting leaves you in awe with its perfect use of color, perfect application of texture and great composition. Its dreamlike qualities make it fit perfectly in this gallery.
Its saturated colors and contrast gives the painting/sculpture an unreal dreamlike appearance.
The beautifully done jungle hunting scene with saturated colors and dramatic contrast almost looks like a dream. The perspective used tricks the eye into believing that its a painting.
Credits: All media
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