Perspective... What do you see?

This is a collection of art that has different points of view, many different ways of looking at art

When I look at this piece, it reminds me of paper rolled up into scrolls. I also see cloth that is ready to be used for making clothing.
This picture purposefully gives too looks into one location. On the left, you see a courtyard. On the right, you see a staircase going into a tall building.
Even though the art piece says "Waterfall", I see an angel within the rock.
Where the colors reside, I see a face with many layers of "colored skin". I also see various colored pieces of candy.
What do you see? I see so many eyes looking at me within the painting, almost making me a little intimidated.
The caption says "Yellow Flowers"... I see microorganisms you might see under the microscope.
What do you see? I see a shrouded figure sitting next to a tall, sharp rock, awaiting his next assassination.
I see the angels, but instead of seeing full bodies, I see clouds. It's almost like ow this painting gives you the illusion of how you see them for yourself.
This is a very interesting piece to me. It almost gives off the feeling that this "titian" was victorious into slaughtering human kind.
This piece correlates into what you think, rather than what you see. I believe that the skeleton is playing the "last melody" of the artist's self-portrait... to remind himself of his own mortality.
I see arms coming out of the wall, almost as though the wall is alive. I also see pieces of a sculpture hanging on the wall, perhaps waiting to be re-attached to the original pieces.
Even though this piece doesn't follow the other pieces, when I look at the granite dish, it gives me the illusion that it's not even there.
I see the top figure as a "walking stick" insect, and the bottom as a crimson blade.
This piece makes me feel as the artist loves their painting, but feels "weighed down" by their love, where it's almost suffocating them...
I see a native american head, wearing a bird's armor. It also gives the illusion that there are bird spirits coming out of his hair as well.
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