Eduardo davalos value ga

This art show volumetric value because of the ball it show the all the value of light.
This artwork show high contrast because of dark black ground that stand out.The blue show people know.
This art will show the volumetric distraction balance because it show all the illusion this art.
This artwork shows atmospheric perspective because it show you see thing but far away you cannot see how its looks.
This artwork show the value scale because it show the all type dark to light.
This artwork show the low contrast because this drawing made out of light pencil drawing but it dark light it not important for us to see.
This artwork shows that volumetric unbalance because its all dark to see that only that stands out was small town.
This artwork show cast shadow because 2 people sit down a chair and it show a shadow dark on their back their head's.
This artwork show attached shadow because it shows mix of dark color and background is dark that important.
Credits: All media
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