Colors of Nature - Preston Martinik

This Gallery highlights the perspective of an artist's and viewer's way of seeing natural colors brought through to the world by nature in the collective form of prospering, flourishing and living. Mainly focusing on the use of color in landscape and how it is similarly conveyed to the real world's output.

This picture is a depiction of early civilization manifesting nature on its daily bases. The designing of the scene with curved lines and very distinguishable colors and shades help emphasize the authenticity of the representation being displayed. The atmosphere is displayed as not that bright which can be an accurate visual distinguishing the mood of this time.
This work of art depicts the early morning of the Nymphs who dance amongst the trees and brush in a secluded circle on the edge of some woods. The design creating this picture is very serial, for it uses a spectrum of shades with mainly darker colors which represents a calming atmosphere and a cool refreshing ambiance.
This image depicts a vast valley like landscape with a small hill crest in the depths with a array of colors from lights to darks which are casted in reference of natural sunlight as it reflects off surfaces and illuminate the environment around the subjects. The use of straight lines making vectors for the eye to capture the beauty of it all as a whole.
This artwork depicts the arrival of boats to a beach. The area looks fresh and unknown. The colors and line work build this texture upon the environment and objects that really brighten the perspective as well create much depth unraveling much to be discovered about the wonders of this painting.
This image depicts the courtyard that resides the Sorolla. This piece is very unique for its designing techniques, the use of color and spot shading creates a much to be desired appeal as it reflects the natural and beauty of the light illuminating the plant life and environment as well as its intended detail in a less significant matter. The representations are similar but not serial like other paintings.
This artwork depicts the sights of being at the particular area and grounds shown in the image. Which is well represented by the vast space and proportionate fill by content. A lot is to be desired within this image for its use of lighter colors to darker colors making for a pleasant sight as well as the use of curved lines to straight lines makes for great vectoring and the content to be center frame so that all can be admired.
This painting depicts the flower, Pink Hollyhocks basking in sunlight. Incorporating subtle and little darker shading of color to reference where sun is falling in direction to which the plant is facing. The showing of lighter and more vibrant colors are in the original intent of how the flower looks in general which is well represented within the framing.
This painting depicts the Middle of an area called Navarre. It is well lit on flush land with a lot of brush plants and flowers with more slight hill land in the distance with a few trees in the distance. The bending of color here really allows the viewer to be immersed in the sight bringing together every element as if it were whole.
This painting depicts Holm-oak forest. A place with much beauty and wonder to behold as through the usage of many light colors and subtle use of darker shades it really helps distinguish how much light is present along with the visually appealing sights of different colors and curved lines, making for an enthralling work of visual art.
This painting depicts the Landscape at Saint-Remy. Wide in proximity as well as vast within its colors the use of dark colors with light saturation and exposure creates for a deserted atmosphere as well as a nicely lit one. The incorporation of curved lines making up most of the detailed textures proves that nature comes in many forms and can be scattered but at the same time collected within its natural elements. This work makes for a well designed and example of perception is key and different for everyone.
Credits: All media
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