Rinse and repeat

The theme of my exhibit "Rinse and Repeat" is about the cycle of violence, conflict, and revolution that is perpetuated in American society. It focuses on various figures and images that speak to the realities, frustrations, and actions of those who have endured social injustice. The images are a mixture of direct and subtle representations about the impact that slave psychology has had and continues to have on Afrikans in America.

This piece alludes to the greek myth of Cronus. I chose it because it reminds me of the depths of darkness that fear can inspire people to sink to in hopes of maintaining control.
This work by an unknown artist captures the contradiction and irony of reality versus expectation. I chose this artwork because it reflects how easy it is to repeat your history due to ignorance.
This unknown work shows the life of a black man surrounded by a physical representation of violence, death, and protection. I chose it because it reminds me that I am a statistic waiting to happen.
Bobby Seale shares his perspective. I chose this piece because it plainly states that a nation united is an unstoppable force!
This piece captures the mentality of the Black Panther Party and the frustrations of an entire community. I chose it because it reminds me of where we were and where we are now.
This artwork shows how powerful history can be and how it can be used to build or destroy. I chose it because it reminds me to be careful of what I choose to believe.
This piece is powerfully simple statement by Huey Newton. It reminds me that a persons true greatness and strength comes from surrounding himself with knowledge of self.
This piece shows the great Angela Davis speaking at a rally. It reminds me that softness doesn't equate to weakness and that impossible is just a word.
This peace was chosen because it shows Fred Hampton as a leader in action. It reminds me that the talking is actually done while walking.
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