The World of Imagery Presents: The Elemental Beauty of Art + Design

The reason I chose this art pice, because of the colors and the perception of beauty and creativity. The abstract is very comical, very animated, very much of a Manga comic book.
The way the lines becomes abstract letter and the colors of hot pink and sky blue match well with the black wall. Graffiti's language is just like the language you see in the cave, artist's message.
I chose this cause a gallery can be anyway a gallery can be. Futuristic. Fun. Filled of artsy creations. A gallery does not have to follow a traditional museum way. A gallery can be expressed inside.
The dark violet color. The horizon and the moon. I felt like I'm really out there by the beach. Very warm. I liked how this artwork can suck you in and express the imagination.
The colorful lines and the symmetry. Very colorful and abstract. So futuristic and abstract.
Imagination can be expressed if you manipulate whatever you want to manipulate and turned it to art. The artist expressed himself by turning his face into art. The composition of abstract.
The beauty. Composition, certain shading of color between light and dark, soft and hard, and the perspective of beauty and art coming together.
The perception of telling a story. Dark. Poetic. The red color can be represent something tragic or something heartbroken, like love lost. Or both. The lines brighten the eyes to show emotion.
The composition and perception of art and fashion. Painting becomes 3-D and futuristic. It's something you can digitized and convert it into a magazine piece.
Though it's Still Life, the colors make this model flow and pulling you into a abstract world.
The lines drips like black paint. The shading of black makes this paint very dark, but felt like classic Asian Art. Very poetic. Plus, the tree branch does represent time the way how old it looks.
The perception of beauty and how her entire body is painted light and the background dark. It's like a angel floating from the dark sky.
The abstract of the lines and composition. No extra colors, but keep it value in a way.
The symmetry of the skull done very well and the creativity is astounding . Gold skull with a clock that tells a roman numbers. Modern meets with the classic.
In Poetry and Music, Sappho is a legend. I liked this sculpture just cause I feel like there a story, a perception of her sitting, thinking. She has her harp by her side. She might be calmly humming.
Credits: All media
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