Importance of Lines in           works of art

This Gallery will Depict how lines are used in abstract and more realistic works of art

The lines of the oars point from left and to right to the man in the boat, and we follow his eyes to the smoke stacks, thus telling us the story of the work.
The depiction of the mountains are spot on, and the lines running alone the left side of the painting really make the depth of the rest of the work pop.
due to the lack of focal points in this painting it seems rather chaotic, which I believe is what the artist was going for.
the upper most portion of the wall catches your eye first and you scan to the right to see the man on the horse, causing a very slight build up of anticipation.
The lines and colors of this work make it seem very chaotic, which is what the artist wanted in this message of what city life is like.
The bold lines on the fruit and vegetables cause them to pop and make you focus on them, with the people coming second.
The Straight lines of the carpet hanging from the balcony catch the eye and lead you upwards to the woman holding it, as your gaze then goes to the men on the floor afterwards.
The lines point to the man in black, at the center of the image, telling you who is the most important man in the picture.
The lines of this painting continuously point back to the man at every chance, forcing you to look upon him multiple times as you search the image for other things.
The straight lines compliment the multitude of colors in this earlier abstract piece.
My favorite piece in this gallery. Event Horizon uses dark lines to force your eyes to the black hole in the center of all the white panels, forcing you to continuously glance back at it.
The use of lines horizontally across the image force you to look in breaks, as if it were three images instead of one.
the mountain in the background is the obvious focus of the image, as the sky line points directly towards it.
The use of the wood grain and the guns point towards the documents multiple times, highlighting their importance in the image.
the use of swirled lines in the sky depict chaos, while the lines on the mountains depict nature, and order. with Macbeth roaring to the heavens, causing chaos in the skies.
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