plain but unique 

 All of these ceramic pieces were made between the late 16th century and the 19th century. The purpose of these bowls and jars were to hold tea or other foods and drinks. They are very plain, with little texture. I think the artist that created these ceramic pieces were more focused on the shape of the bowls, more than the color and texture. The ones made in the 16th and 17th century were more of a simple shape that was narrow at the bottom and wide at the top. As the years went on they started making vases\bowls with a curve and went from narrow to wide back to narrow. They also got a lot taller. Some artist would of got more detailed and painted to but others still choose to make theirs simple. Although the vases aren't painted in colorful, it is the shape that is unique about each different piece. 

This ceramic piece is a vessel from 19th century and would've been used to hold drinks and food. It is glazed in a shade of brown. To me the artist of this piece was more focused on the shape than the texture and color.They created this piece of pure function.
This ceramic piece was used to hold drinks. Tea was the main thing it would hold. As you can see it is plain with little texture and color but it's shape is unique. This was made, by Charles Lang Freer, for it's functional use not to be fancy and pretty.
This bowl was used to hold tea. It is a very simple bowl, having little texture and color. I think if I would've made this bowl, I probably would've used a c shape slab to construct the bowl. The purpose of this bowl was for it use and not its looks.
This tea bowl was probably one of the first ones made. I say this because it is shorter with a simpler shape than the ones made in the 17th century. This piece like the rest has little texture and color, showing again, that it's purpose was for the functional use.
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