Justin Beahm - Greek 

Greek Mythology has always intrigued me. The thoughts and ideologies behind it are beautiful and well thought out. So my theme will try to capture inspirational pieces of it.

In this work it appears as if humans have begun to fight back against the Centaur. I chose this piece because of it's resemblance to the vase used in Hercules a childhood favorite of mine.
Here we have Apollo, the god of music. This piece intrigued me due to the lack of muscular definition and size we usual affiliate with the Greek gods.
I love how this drawing appears as if it were possibly even done today. The physiques and detail are immaculate. The battle of two mythical creatures is extremely intriguing.
A physique still admired by many. Hercules is an iconic figure, especially within our generation. This sculpture of him is amazing to me.
I love everything about greek mythology and the story of Perseus is no accretion. Medusa is an amazing tale in and of itself. So a sculpture of the two is certainly one of my favorites.
After seeing this painting, I was intrigued and wanted to learn more about Ixion. After reading his story and his desires for Hera, paying no regard to Zeus' hospitality toward him, I was astounded.
The story of Icarus is inspirational even today. So this beautiful depiction of his wings and his failed attempt is a beautiful reminder.
Mythological creatures are fascinating to me. Generating wonders of how or why they were imagined or created. I love this depiction of a Minotaur in thought.
Achilles is an inspiration and icon in my life. Always reminding me of the possible defeat lurking at my heels. This vase is truly beautifully made.
Nike, obviously a now household name due to her speed, is beautiful in and of herself. But I was truly amazed that there would be an incense burner as we use today, back then.
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