The impression of beauty

This is my aesthetically pleasing collection of the functions of art through which you will find art through delight, art in worship and ritual, art as commentary as well as persuasive art, commemorative art,and self-expression art.

I chose this piece of art for my Art for Delight collection. The bold and vivid colors truly accent the beauty in this painting. The smooth line work and painterly also gives this painting an aesthetically pleasing appeal. Looking at this painting it is hard to imagine that the artist of this piece had any other intention other than appealing to the audience by its beautiful color scheme and perfection of smooth lines. This piece of artwork could almost be considered monochromatic without the green pigment on the body of the subject matter. The colors appear loud on the eyes because of the green in this painting and the vivid colors are what truly make it aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. I am also intrigued to know what comes to mind for the artist when he chose green as the skin color, because of that I would also categorize this artwork as self-expressive and possibly even abstract. There is mystery in the beauty of this painting.
This painting tells the story of the birth of Jesus Christ when the shepherds came from hundreds of miles in admiration of the Son of Christ and the birth of Virgin Mary. I chose this piece of art as my art in worship and ritual because it depicts a historical event in time for many Christians. In this painting it shows vast emotion as Mary holds her son gazing at him so calm and content while others stand in admiration. The painting carefully details the emotion on each characters face. It is amazing to me that the talent from this artist can convey such deep emotion through this work.
I chose this sculpture as my choice for art as commentary. This statue has no need for explanation as the audience can all relate somehow or another to "The Thinker". Simply put, it shows a man thinking which is something we all do. In my opinion, the sculpture portrays a sense of vulnerability as well, which is also something we can all relate too. This piece of art alone gives commentary of the artist to the audience. I agree that in a commentary piece of artwork, not only does the artists tell a story through their art it should be seen and felt with emotion by the audience as well. Auguste Rodin really does a great job capturing the audience’s emotion and telling a story about himself with this sculpture. I could also consider this sculpture a self-expression piece of art as well as commentary.
I chose this photograph for my persuasive art selection. This photograph depicts the all to familiar water pollution crisis. In this photograph they show a mouth in one sequence and dirty water all around as well as a statement. The feel of the photograph alone gives the audience a dirty, raw, and uneasy emotion. It speaks volumes to everyone because this is an issue that affects the entire population of earth entirely. The blue tones in this piece also depict the emotions surrounding this issue very well. I think the artist really gets the point across by using all of these techniques. The words in this photograph even tell a story of how humans are the cause of pollution and the principle I take away from this persuasive piece of art would be inspiration to create a cleaner world and water system. To inspire is almost similar to persuade and that is why I chose this picture to represent persuasive art.
This coin is a wonderful piece of commemorative art honoring Mr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Coretta Scott King for the bravery and significant impact that they made in the life of African Americans. The assemblage and detail in the molding of the coin is truly remarkable. By creating this coin it is a true tribute and memorial to Martin Luther King Jr. and Coretta Scott King and everything they did to make an impact on this nation. As I have said before it is truly important to create art that people can relate to and that will capture emotion from the audience. By remembering such a remarkable human and civil rights activists in such an important time in history is what truly makes this coin a piece of commemorative art.
This is an art piece I would categorize as self-expressive art. The artist of this oil portrait has an idea that he is expressing through his talent in painting even if it is not clear as to what the idealism in this picture is. In this abstract piece I see a woman outlined amidst the odd shapes and various shades of color. Perhaps it is depicting a woman of many colors. Even though there is no clear statement or subject matter in this picture the emotion and beauty is truly prominent. When it comes to art I feel that in order to grasp the audiences' attention it is important to create a something that others can relate to. Rupert Kilgore does a miraculous job conveying emotion in this oil portrait even if the subject matter is not easily understood or seen by the naked eye.
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