The struggle within

This gallery is an in-depth overview of what woman went through so that we can become what we are in the industry of film. How it began and how it compares. these images and videos will show how separated we are in the industry. This will be based around the British Institute and the people who were involved with them.

Emmeline Pankhurst, Matzene, Chicago, 1913-11, Original Source: Wikimedia Commons
This image depicts Emmeline Pankhurst a woman of great importance sitting with her head held high. Her proudness shown her face of being the first woman to make a way for woman to vote.
Mrs Emmeline Pankhurst, 1914-05-21, Original Source: Wikimedia Commons
Emmeline Pankurst founder of WSPU in this image was being handled very harshly due to her trying to show a petition to the king at Buckingham palace for right for woman to vote and hold a voice for themselves.
Woman marching through London showing how they feel about the way they are treated and disrespected they march for equality and the right to be treated as one. In this clip it depicts woman coming together and showing how much power they hold.
In this clip it was depicted that men thought of woman as jokes and did not take their ideals serious. They joke around in this video about woman having a voice, As they prance around yell scream and make jokes dressed in woman clothing.
This still black and white image depicts woman rallying together once again in London to show how enthused they are about their rights. They are shown here marching through the most prominate towns on a horse and carriage with signs that represent WOMAN rights.
Suffragette Mabel Capper outside Bow Street court, 1912-01-01, Original Source: Wikimedia Commons
Suffragette is a film that inspires woman to stand for their rights and understand that they have a voice. This film tells you a story about women's struggles and how hard they fought.
Christabel Harriette Pankhurst, 1912, Original Source: Wikimedia
Christabel Pankhurst was co founder and daughter of Emmiline Pankhurst she directed the militant action for exile in France from 1912-1913. helping her mother to turn the world woman viewed around.
In this clip it is depicted to be the very first degree that a woman ever received and they celebrate by saying hug her, kiss her! As they celebrate the victory of being able to say we have rights.
This image depicts woman standing on the court house grounds, Their faces show looks of excitement and relief the flags they carry in their hands shows importance of their cause and is present to make a statement.
Nancy Astor the first woman to gain a seat on the parliament, In this image she is depicted to be gazing out to something in the far distance something like a daydream with her beautiful hair pulled high up in a bun, As she sits their showing all confidence in herself with her head held high shoulders pushed back and a look of strength written across her face.
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