Civil Rights Movement

This meeting was held on Jan 18, 1964. It involved civil rights. MLK was present and rights for blacks were discussed.
The March on Washington was held in 1963. It was a peaceful protest were thousands of blacks gathered. There MLK gave his famous speech.
This is a hat of one of the black children. It is one from Birmingham Alabama. It shows how blacks mainly got blue collar jobs.
This picture shows people protesting the KKK. The KKK was a group opposing blacks and tried to prevent them getting rights. It shows the conflict between the groups as blacks try to get more freedom.
This picture shows a black person walking through a field. The caption shows that blacks are entitled to freedom just as much as whites. The land represents the equality in all ways.
The picture shows President Eisenhower meeting with MLK. It happened in 1958 as he tried to gain support for equal rights. Eisenhower looks to be in full support of MLK.
This picture shows an emblem of the SNCC. The SNCC was the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee. It was formed to help gain freedom in schools.
The picture shows a protest on Market Street. The people are protesting inequality. they are fighting for equal rights among all people.
The picture shows rallies in Birmingham. There were protests of the bombing that occurred in 1963. It depicts citizens calling for equal rights.
This picture shows a press conference in 1964. It was held with MLK. It involved him speaking about peaceful protests for equal rights among blacks.
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