Your eye is drawn to the bright sun peaking over the top of the house. There is also extreme contrast between the white light of the sun and the black of the house.
Their is lots of contrast in this painting has a lot of contrast between the bright sky and the dark ground but it echos the blue that is both in the sky and water. There is also a balance and circular motion your eye.
In this piece there is a U shape that your eye travels in. You start at the top of the trees on the left side and down to the person at the bottom of the painting. Then your eye goes right to the clearing and then up the trees in the back.
Your eye follows the path down to the tree line then follow the tree up into the sky. There is a balance of positive and negative space from the top right of the photo which is busy and the bottom left which is calm.
The focus in the piece is the cut down corn rows that make your eyes move through the painting to the
There is high contrast between the sky and the and mountain. The clean lines between the mountain and the sky and the fact that the top of the mountain is a warmer color leads your eye to move from bottom left to upper right.
The corn stalks lead your eye to the building in the back.The circular movement of the corn pattern gives the photo a feeling of movement.
The focus in this picture is the bright white chairs which move your eye around the picture.
Your eye tends to follow the roads and there is again contrast between the dark water and the bright sky.
Like many of the other pieces your eye starts in the foreground and ends in the background this painting has a lot going on in the foreground but your eye always ends in the back with the black building which is the end focus.
This photo your eye stats in the foreground with both the bridge and ground lead your eye into the main focus that is the graffiti. There is again contrast between the side of the photo being bright and blown out and the bottom of the bridge being dark
This photo your eye starts in the foreground and ends in the background. There is lots of contrast between the light sky and dark trees.
In this photo your eye starts on the sidewalk and moves ** the walls with the trees and into the bars where it moves the the brightest part of the photo the sky which is blown out and s**er white
The photo makes your eye catch on the path and follow it ** the tower and then land on the focus that is the blimp.
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