Artistic reform

1. This painting depicts the wave of a green sea crashing on a shore. The sky is dark as well. 2. This is realism art because the painting is very real-looking, almost like the picture of a wave. 3. I chose this painting because the wave is so powerfully painted by how much detail is put into the foam of the wave and the rocks by the shore. I like this because the colors of both the sky and sea are dark, creating a feeling of being on a beach during a storm.
1. The painting depicts a man wounded on his horse with a woman by his side. There are two other figures in the painting and also a starving dog by the foot of the horse. They are in the mountains. 2. This is a romantic style painting because the art emphasizes the man and woman touching, and how the woman is sad he is hurt and wants to nurture him. He is touching her face as if showing that he will be okay. The fact that he hurt and in the mountain is now emphasized because the art is meant to show emotions rather than harsh reality. 3. I picked this painting because of the details within it. Once you look past the emotion and feelings between the man and woman, you see the other two figures plus a dog. The other two figures are frantic while the dog is half dead, but the man and woman continue to just stare at each other.
1. This painting depicts two figures walking through a forest with overgrown shrubs on the forest floor. 2. This painting is impressionism because van Gogh is depicting a normal scene but uses choppy strokes to form the big picture. The choppy strokes add chaos to a serene scene. 3. I chose this specific painting because the trees and shrubs make the painting feel very spacious while the blues and greens used provide a sense of peace. What stood out to me was the order of the trees. They were not scattered everywhere randomly, like usual, but they were in line with one another.
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