The beach 

The theme for my exhibition is the beach and I chose this because I have had many great and fun experiences here. The beach has been expressed through these artworks in a very detailed way and they all create an exciting and inspirational mood to me. The beach is a type of environment that I have a special connection with and I have expressed that through 15 different artworks that are in my exhibition. All of the artworks that I have chosen relate to the beach in a certain way. They all show different features of the beach such as the sea creatures, rocks, ocean, the sand, etc. All the artworks also relate to the beach in a way that creates different moods and feelings about cultural and religious aspects. They use different materials and they are different types of artworks such as paintings, watercolours, sculptures, ceramics and many more. All of these artworks have very similar meanings and the main meaning of these artworks is that they all are beautiful even if they don't seem like it because they represent the environment that God has created for us and they are all very special and unique. These artworks are very detailed and very precise and they are created by very famous and amazing artists. The artworks consist of structural, subjective, cultural and post-modern frames that help convey the message and meaning of the artwork. Throughout these amazing artworks the use of tone, patterns, technique, texture, colours, composition, mood, feelings, beliefs and religions have been used to show the audience how an artwork can mean so many things and show how the artwork has been made. 

Subjective: This artwork makes me feel sad and it creates a dull mood because of the black and white colours. In my opinion this artwork shows times of sadness because of the man looking out to the mountains.
Structural: This artwork uses lines and dots to portray the image of a beach. The colours that are being used are bright and calming. Tone has also been used to make the artwork look very realistic.
Post-Modern: This artwork is used as an installation so you can interact with it. This is a sculpture that was created in 2014 and it was used as an exhibit at Sculpture's by the Sea in Bondi.
Cultural: This artwork was made years ago. Society believed that the sea goddess was Poseidon's daughter and her name is Amphitrite. This sculpture's culture is German and many believed that the sea goddess was real.
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