Get into my head: Surrealism. By: Joseph Garcia

This gallery is a showing of one genre of art that i find very interesting and usually cleverly done. Surrealism is the art of those who do not want to conform to the norm in the arts community(especially early 20th century artist). Among the leaders of Surrealism are Salvador Dali (most recognizable), Yves Tanguy, and Max Ernst. A quick definition of surrealism is in its name; Sur= french for the word "Above" and realism which is just that. 

At first glance all you see in what looks to be just a sun and lines; but when you really look at it there is the horse carrying the man and chariot.
Everyone has different sides to themselves. From what is in our liner past(wall), what we present ourselves(man), and what we keep to ourselves in our own mind (floating head).
This reversal of the role by having them as real figures in an absolutely unreal setting is what makes this surrealism. Has depth, texture, and most importantly the emotion in the characters faces.
Depth is the main key in this painting. Getting the desolate land of dry dessert and mangled wire to maybe show the result of war is what makes this astonishing.
Most impressive is the look of realization in the mans face; it is the face of finally letting go that makes up the paintings wow factor.
The disproportion of the figures and contrast from darker colors to warmer colors makes up this pieces identity. Along with beautiful detail in each main figure (hand, fish, house, and hat).
Another piece that marks a persons inner battle to figure out which way is the best way. This maze exemplifies above realism art.
The all around depth captured in the piece makes it what it is. The papers flowing out of the persons mouth look as though they are coming straight out of the painting.
Most impressive is the look of the glass. It has a lot of texture and definition to it. then the lighting of this painting capturing a moment of time.
Renowned for his street art; Banksy puts a surrealistic touch to his graffiti art.
Credits: All media
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