principles of art

the shape and lines of WwII posters are some of the best art work. they have this old rough texture which is really hard to dulpicate.
the contrast between the red and the black and white drawing of the plane the size of two city busses. it is america's way to show how tothe war is going.
the pattern where they use the red of the sky to the red in his hat. this picture is showing the victory of war.
the proportion to the hands to the gun that they hold. even the wrenchs look proprtional to everything in the class
this picture shows the detail in his face and apply to people that lost family of friends to the war.
the emphasis is on the trucks load of army men on the way into the city when everyone is leaving and ggoing away.
the picture is blanced buy the big bolded words at the bottom and the kids playing at the top.
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