My Art Collection

we can see the myhtological greek signs . For me it is sutible for neoclassicism.
high renaissance: an artistic production. we can see religious sign.
post impressionism: Colors are very attarctive.
this is a good example for impressionism. Light colors and women's smile and behaves at the first sight attract me.
romanticism : we can feel the deep romanticisim , with the feelings of fair, surviving, and love at the end
It ıs good exampe for realism . So natural and artistic. Like she is really real.
expressionism; emotions and subjective feelings reasons why i chose this work.
An example work forcubism. We can see the object with cubic styles but we can know what they are.
we can say that neoclassicism and romantism are like two sides of the same coin. A statue of cupid and psyche what motivated the works of romantism in Western europe. Although these works were mostly neoclassical in their styles as well as the structure they clearly set ** a boundary between romantism and neo-classicism.It is a work that portrays the aspect of the human kınd longing for that which is not attainable.
This is very good example for mannerism for me. Form of the angel is not realistic. Angel is not from the real world.
: Colors and the subject effected me . IIt is a good example for abstract expressionism.
Baroque, very crowde and sumptuous. An accordıng to baroque style i can see and feel the selenoid.
pop artreminds me maryln monroe because of that i choose this work with no doubt. And Andy Warhol reminds me pop art too.
surrealism: The style of surrealism is brought out very clearly. Psychological thinking is forefront.
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