Romance through color 

paintings representing ways the artist depicts love and color that brings it to life. 

“Mother with her child on the flower background” done by Mikulas Galanda. There is not much texture in the painting but what brings this painting to life is how the mother is holding her child. This brings the audience eyes toward the mother and child rather than what is in the background.
The painting ‘Cat’ by Domoto Insho shows that the photo of a mother and her kittens are shown in this painting. The fine details are focused on the cats showing that Insho wanted the audience to see the cats first and move the eyes to the whole picture.
Mikulas Galanda in1937 did the painting in the photo. I chose this photo for my art gallery because this is a mother whom can only love her child more than anything in the world. The colors have a cool texture to them that make this painting a peaceful and calm picture to the eye.
“One Love” done by An Chang Hong, is a very deep painting with mix emotions. In the painting you see two couples that seem to be loved, but also have knives to their backs. The colors are very dark on the painting; this creates more focus onto the object. Somewhat the color in the background almost seems to represent blood and hatred.
“The Dance of Life” done by Edvard Munch is very eye pleasing. This art piece has many colors to convey into a masterpiece. In this picture you see couples dancing and gazing into each other’s eyes of love. While on each side they look like they could be the mothers of each person. This is a very romantic and peaceful painting to look at
“Heart of Water” done by Fernando Ramirez Gonzalez is a unique painting. Bright (cool) colors bring this painting to life. The painting shows dark colors low to bright colors high. The artist is showing that these two beings are looking at the heart representing the world and they are in need of water.
“A proposal in Picardy” done by Paul Graf in 1891. In the painting you see two couples lying in the grass while the sun is settling down. Graf used soft colors in the painting to bring out the couples in the art.
“Broken Heart of Child” done by Park, Dae Cho in 2010. This is a black and white photo with a color of red. As you see in the photo the child has blood splatters everywhere but if you look closely you can see in his eyes a nuclear bomb exploded. A close up of the child bring the audiences attention to the blood around hi and what he sees in his eyes.
“Oil painting with sami motif” done by Emilie Demant-Hatt in 1944. This painting is an oil base painting that has many brush strokes lying inside the art. There is a group walking on a bridge that is icy and cold. The texture in the painting is very detailed on the rocks and bridge.
Silvana Violante does “Love and Magic” in 2012. In the painting you see a woman in the water where a bunch of fishes are in front of her. This art piece is very detailing from the hair of the woman down to where her hand meets the fish. I like this painting because Silvana didn’t but much into the background making the woman and the fish more eyes catching to the piece.
Credits: All media
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