Chloe Garces

Color Schemes

Monochromatic.This picture identifies with neutral colors, giving a grey toned color scheme. Many black and white undertones were used, giving a sad, depressing mood.
Warm. Many warm colors were used, such as red and orange, but blue was also used in this picture. These colors balance each other out, gibing a relaxed and happy mood to this painting.
Cool. Many shades of blue and brown were used in this painting. Because of the cool colors, it gave a relaxed mood in the picture.
Analogous.This picture has many light and cool colors, such as white, blue, and green.It also contains black to balance out the white. Overall,this picture has a calm feeling when viewing the picture.
Triadic. This sculpture has many different types of brown and greens that compliment each other to give a happy and calm mood.
Complementary. There are various complementary colors that are able to balance each other. This painting has a calm and angry mood to it.
Credits: All media
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