The Other Cultures

Using pictures from many places and cultures, this art gallery shows how similar cultures really are and how we can embrace our differences.  Yes, the concept of the other does exist, but it does not need to be a negative concept responsible for so much violence.

My greatest memory from middle school was playing the violin. An artist's in Peredelekino was too. This shows that our cultures have some major similarities like music and art.
The calligraphy is supposed to be words, however as much as I would like to, I can't read it. Language might be a large factor in the other because with out a common language things could be interr...
A map of the world puts invisible lines and boundaries to separate out countries.
Though wars start for a great many reasons, the concept of the other plays the biggest role
This is cool because the artists reconstructed a face on a skull. To me it looks pretty realistic. Despite differences in skin color, all people look pretty much the same.
The statement "Who gets to be an American" is pretty accurate. People, especially ones from other cultures get put under tons of pressure to fit in.
At that time period, 1856, people would have been appalled by a "second class citizen" dressed up in American style clothing. Maybe the artist was trying to convey that the two cultures could lear...
I just think this is a beautiful picture in it's simplicity and style. I don't even know what culture it comes from, but it's my favorite anyway.
The solution to all problems, including the other: reading. Also visiting other cultures which I'd like to do someday.
The other isn't that important our hear. We are all humanity.
Credits: All media
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