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The Kiss”, by Gustav Klimt, was first exhibited in 1908 at the Kunstschau art exhibition on the site of today’s Konzerthaus. It’s a abstract painting. Your two questions Who painted this picture? 2. What type of painting was this?
2. Description of Piece:Unbound handmade artist's book. Artist is Abdallah Benanteur. China ink, watercolour and monoprint on 30 folded sheets of paper. Your two questions What type of paint was used? 2. What type of ink was used?
2. Description of Piece: A centaur, a part-man, part-horse mythological creature, wields a branch while running. Seemingly kneeling with one knee down, his pose is actually an artistic convention that signified fast motion in Archaic Greek art. This centaur has human front legs rather than the more usual equine ones. Rock crystal. The J. Paul Getty Museum, Villa Collection, Malibu, California Your two questions What figure is the art of? 2. What type of material was used?
2. Description of Piece:Description Dark green to black basalt or schist torso of a striding male figure with striped kilt. Both arms formerly hanging down by the sides; figure preserved from the abdomen to left knee. Used Basalt. Your two questions Where is the firgure perserved from? 2. They used what kind of medium?
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