Art Elements

Texture- this item uses implied texture because the grass looks like u can touch it with real texture because of the brush strokes because they make it seem like its real
space-this piece of artwork has a lot of negative space because they are showing a restauraunt type of building from the outside but then theres a lot of open area outside of the restauraunt
line-this painting has a lot of different shaped lines in it because there are a lot of shapes formed by just a basic line which makes this painting even better
shape-this is organic shape because it seems like you would find these type of shapes in nature and it has irregular forms just like a puddle
color-this is an intensity color because it has a dull color outside of the bright green figures or monsters which has high intensity and then a basic white inside so it has many different intensities
space- this artwork has both positive and negative space because there are many different trees which makes that part of it positive space but it also has a lot of negative space around the trees
form-this picture has a good form because u can walk around it and see all of different characteristics of it and look above it but the only u cant do is enter it because it is too small but it still has a good form
Credits: All media
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