Harmony: Beauty through nature

This gallery shows beauty through nature. It has scenes from the water side which has a lot of Monet's works. Then there are majestic scenes of mountains and cliffs almost making you feel like you are on top of the world. Impressionist pieces are put together with realistic pieces. They give you a different look at how you can perceive nature. 

Using dabs of paint and large brush strokes Claude Monet painted a scene from his own backyard in the spring, a bridge over a pond of water lillies.
This is a painting of a pond with many different water lilies in them. You can see where the water lilies start by the green in the water. By using big brush strokes and vibrant colors Claude Monet creates a beautiful pond scene.
I chose this painting because the sailboats have vibrant colors and they catch the eye. And also because of how bright the sea is and how you can see all the details of the sea spray and the waves.
I chose this piece because of how textured the waves are and the sides of the cliff. And how the sun reflects off of the water and the cliff has a shadow over the waves. I love the details in this painting.
I chose this painting because I like the illusion of a cloudy mist over the valley view that we are looking over.
This painting is a beautiful nature scene of a lake or reservoir surrounded by mountains/cliffs. I chose this painting because I love the illusion of the painting being darker but the light coming out of the clouds casting shadows everywhere and lighting up the center of the piece.
I chose this painting because I love the green valleys and the rolling hills. I also like the illusion of having a dark desolate sky with a light rainbow at the top.
I chose this painting because I love the big lights and shadows at the top of the painting giving it celestial feel but at the bottom it is just a quiet and calm sea.
I chose this painting because it's beautiful landscape and also how calm the city seems. It seems that it is sleeping and that you can almost feel the chilly winter day throughout the use of whites and greys.
I chose this painting because I love how it draws your eyes right to it. Using big bold colors and soft colors in the background to create a unique seascape
Credits: All media
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