Renaissance Perspective

David Burns 

one-pt perspective-the drawing has a single vanishing point three-dimensional-appearing to have length, breadth, and depth architectural-designing buildings cathedral-the principal church of a diocese
arch-a curved symmetrical structure octagonal-having 8 sides foreground-the part of a view that is nearest to the observer view-the ability to see something
space-area that is free emphasized-highlighted as important Humanism-prime importance to human rather than divine or supernatural matters parallels-similarities between things
Lo Scheggia-nickname of this artist tempera-medium used on this medium-type of utensil used to create art classification-system of determining what type of category something falls under
Façade-the face of a building Pinacoteca Civica-art exhibit and Alessandria monograph-study of a single specialized subject background-scenery behind the main object of contemplation
oeuvre-the works of a painter zeal-enthusiasm in pursuit of a cause picturesque-visually attractive lithograph-a lithographic print
watercolours-method of painting Realism-representing a person, thing, or situation accurately brush-utensil used for painting Augsburg- hometown in Germany of Wolfgang Lettl
Hongik-Korean art university symbolically loaded-full of represented meaning buffer zone-area between things subtle-not obviously evident or existing
DMZ-demilitarized zone depicted in drawing landscape-visible features of an area of land likenesses-similarities to something else fragmentation-broken into small or separate parts.
Credits: All media
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