World War 2

10 very descriptive pictures of World War 2

young men have their pictures taken at Aushwitz concentration camp. boys are most likely jewish. surprisingly the camp kept records and pictures of them.
Marines take part in training. seem to be in some kind of boat
large building has distinctive damage due to bombs. picture taken in Berlin on january 1st, 1942
US being shipped to england for the upcoming campaign known as D-Day. tons of bombs are here and look like they will all see action.
on the landing on Utah Beach, American medics tend to those injured from action. Utah Beach is in france. this was taken on june 6th, 1944.
preparations begin as the invasion of france looms. men loading food and supplies onto a boat at an english port. june 6, 1944
A squad of German soldiers are surrendering due to Americans effort. Americans them take them as prisoners.
Tuskegee Airman pose in front of one of their aircraft. this is class 43G in 1943. This is the American Air Force.
looks to be taken place in a very green enviroment. picture was in 1942
united states jeeps take in cargo from the ferry US 550. july 1, 1944 the picture was taken. several jeeps are taking cargo. even a medical jeep seems to possibly be taking supplies
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