The way of the water

My gallery contains pieces of art displaying water in different textures and colors. I chose these paintings because I love the ocean and they express beautiful senses. My theme soothes your mind and calms your mood.

An expedition has begun for many English men hoping for freedom. They finally arrive and soak the fresh ocean air. The medium is oil on canvass. A scenic view of the ocean is portrayed in this painting. Henry Moore paints this picture on his friend's yacht and describes the gentle breezes as cat paws and seen in the picture, the waves are small. The overall mood is a peaceful, sunny day of sailing.
Citizens of a little coastline town bring their sailboats out on the first day of summer. I chose this painting because it had texture and a great span of colors. Vincent Van Gogh painted this because he wanted to paint the changing colors of the sea. The painting style he used was short brush strokes. Different colors of water can change the mood.
Gathering citizen come together for an event in Venice. Paint is the medium used in this painting. I chose this piece of art because the colors look vibrant. The artist used a small brush to illustrate little details. Antonio is famous for painting everyday scenes. The symbol is the water bringing people together. Venice is a bustling city under water.
It is the end of the day and the sun is slowing fading away. The medium is oil on canvass. I chose this painting because I like the colors of the sunset. The style on the painting is Romantik. Caspar David Friedrich painted this to describe how the sun cannot shine on one place on the earth always. There are no symbols and the mood is sad like letting someone leave your arms.
It is a nice sunny day in the city to visit the shore. The medium is oil on canvass. I chose this painting because I like the women's dresses and umbrella. George Seurat painted the ladies in a Victorian style. He first painted vertical strokes then made little dots on top to look like a solid color from a distance. The umbrellas symbolize that it is a hot and sunny. The mood is relaxing under the trees by the water.
This painting asks the viewer to mix the colors together because it is made of various dots. The medium is oil on canvass. I chose this because the water looked cool with the little dots. The style is Pointillism/ Neo-Impressionism. Georges-Pierre Seurat want the viewer to mix the colors with their eyes. There are no symbols. The mood is calm breezes blowing onto the shore.
There is a bright explosion on the sea. Oil on canvass was used in this painting. I chose this because the explosion lights the sky and there is a reflection on the water. The style of the paint is a war scene. The artists is famous for painting sets. The battle ships symbolize a battle on the sea. The mood is exciting and explosive.
The moon lights shines on the water and makes it visible at night. The medium that was used is oil on canvass. I chose this painting because the moon is bright and powerful. The style is light outlining objects in the dark. The artist said he painted this from a distance to see most of the sky. There are no symbols in this painting. The mood is a quiet town glowing in the night.
Citizens are doing their daily jobs like sheep sheering or hunting. The medium was oil on wood. I chose this because it looks like a scene in a fairy tale. Their is a lot of details so the brush strokes were very tiny. The artist was know for painting portraits. The water around the castle symbolizes a moat. The mood is medieval times.
People are coming out on the first day after a mud slide an rain storm. The medium is Gelatin-bromide silver on paper. I chose this photo because it was in black and white. The style of this piece is photography. The photographer took this in a tree. The branch symbolizes the elevation and where it was taken. The mood is the water is calm and it is the begging of the day.
This picture illustrates the power of the ocean. The medium is oil on canvass. I chose this painting because the water looks like fire. The style is Romantic. The artists said he painted his horrible childhood in this painting. The top part of the boat symbolizes a sunken ship and a lost life. The mood is sad because the captain of the ship died.
The trees leaves are falling off and winter is about to begin. The medium is oil on canvass. I chose this painting because the water reflects an image of a tree. The style is Dutch. The artist is known for painting landscapes and trees. There are no symbols. The mood is settle and calm.
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